CD "The seventh 50 music pieces for ballet exercises" (album)

My seventh album from a series of musical pieces for ballet exercises contains music composed mostly from 2012 to 2019 but also a few earlier works. It is suitable for advanced children and adult classes alike. On this CD you can find music pieces for all kinds of ballet exercises, including Barre, Centre and Point work. Like the previous CDs of this series a wide choice of different musical elements, rhythms and styles is also presented here. Three pieces are recorded with tempo change (on the tracks 4 and 27 the first half is slow and the second one is faster and on the track 34 the first half is fast and the second one is slower). Some pieces can be used for the studying of dances like polonaise, mazurka, waltz. The total playing time of the CD is about 73 minutes long.

You can find some of the music examples here.

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