About myself

I was born 1976 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) into a very musical family. Both of my parents graduated from a conservatory for music: the mother became a musicologist and music teacher, the father a [image] Photo: after exams at the Studio für Tanz - Cologne, summer 2002professional choir conductor. Through my father's work at the opera house as a conductor and choir director my knowledge of the major opera works began to increase already in my childhood. Therefore it's not surprising that it was my "destiny" to become a musician. At the age of five I began to play the piano and to compose my first music pieces. During my years at school I took successful part at different music competitions when I became the youngest laureate of a music-theoretical competition in 1988 and a laureate of the Ukrainian national competition of young composers (1989-1991).

After having graduated from secondary and music school I entered the Dnepropetrovsk[image] Photo: at the Russian Academy of Music with the sellow students and English teacher – Moscow, 1997 Glinka Music College in 1991 where I finished the two-year program including an extensive syllabus within a year. Having won the national music-theoretical competition of all regional music colleges and gained a laureate of the international music-theoretical competition in Moscow I entered in 1993 the Russian Gnessin's Academy of Music (compartment: musicology) in Moscow. My emphasis during the study program (from 1993 to 1998) was the research of the Italian opera of the 18th century and my dissertation "Peculiarities of the comic (opera) works by G.B.Pergolesi" instructed by Ph.D. Irina Soussidko was excellently evaluated. I worked as an accompanist with ballet teachers of[image] Photo: before exams at the Studio für Tanz – Cologne, summer 2001 the Moscow Academy of Dance, composed music for ballet classes, taught and gave practical consultation in harmony doctrine and counterpoint at the same time. Moreover I played in a Moscow juvenile rock band called "Subway Session" and made music arrangements for this band.

Moving to Germany in 1999 I continued composing for ballet classes and other musical styles and directions, also to be arranged on a keyboard. As an apprentice assistant of the dramatist I worked at the Cologne Opera House in 2000 and published two programs to the performances "The Magic Flute" by Mozart and "Requiem" by Verdi. Afterwards I worked at the score library of the Stages of the city of Cologne (Cologne Opera House). At present I accompany ballet classes, ballet and tap examinations in various ballet schools and studios in and around Cologne and compose currently new music pieces.